It Is Finished - Apostle Dr. Chukwudi Ozo Onyali

Dr. Chukwudi preaches on Jesus' final days on earth.

Yielding to the Holy Spirit

Dr. Chukwudi Teaches on Yielding to The Holy Spirit.

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Powerlessness of Demonic Spirits (The Devil Knows It)

Dr. Chukwudi Teaches on The Powerlessness of Demonic Spirits in comparison to the Power of the Holy Spirit

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Marriage & Relationships

Dr. Chukwudi speaks on several issues pertaining to Marriage & Relationships

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Marriage, Relationships & Singles

Pastor Ezekiel Atang uses his profound knowledge to educate us about every aspect of relationships have.

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The Power of Resurrection

Dr. Chukwudi Ozo Onyali teaches on the Power of Resurrection in the Bible.

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The Revelation Of The Holy Spirit

Dr. Chukwudi Ozo-Onyali Teaches you how about the person of the Holy Spirit

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